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Arguments for the KletterDschungel

Basic equipment  /  Lack of exercise  /   Personality  /  Inventor training   /  Medical aspects   /   Back problems   /  Respiration  /  Lack of room   /  Quiet operation  /  Appartement  /   Calculator   /  Assembly  /  Steel structure   /  Composite construction  /  Centre of gravity  /  Stand  /   Tension  /  Basic equipment  /  Rope  / Rings  /  Trapeze  /  Rope ladder  /  Steel ladder  /  Practical value.

Basic equipment   über

It consists of versatile high-quality separate units which are well-proved and tested for many years. As the they can be mounted on smallest room, it is possible to use several devices at the same time. Thus the range of different exercises is so manifold that so far we did not succeed to document all accomplished exercises. To increase the variety even more, accessory equipment is available.

Lack of exercise   über

The lack of exercise is a basic reason for addictions like excessive watching television or playing computer games, followed by cigarettes, alcohol etc. Disease and early death can be the consequence.

Personality   über

There are sports devices on the market, which due to their construction design prescribe the exercises, in order to train only certain muscles and ligaments. These devices are equipped even with instruments, measuring the development. The KletterDschungel in comparison, promotes the child’s creativity by the versatility of possible exercises. Adults however, often do not use the versatility of such a sports device

Inventor training   über

In case the KletterDschungel is mounted in a children's room for example, the child will be motivated to invent the exercises itself, trying what is possible and what is not. This is an important part of the learning process which develops new structures in the brain.

Medical aspects   über

Each muscle, tendon and joint, which is not stressed regularly, degenerates. To ensure a healthy development nowadays, with the lack of exercise in our daily life including so many one-sided movements, a counterbalance is essential. In case of first damages, a therapist can give the necessary instructions for effective exercises practicable at home in order to ensure a quick and cost-saving recovery.

Back problems   über

The discs of the spinal column are not supplied by blood veins, but by lymph. A continuous pressure load (car, computer, television) will push the lymph out of the spinal area. Hanging and stretching exercises will quickly solve these problems. The KletterDschungel is the ideal sports device for the prevention and therapy of back problems.

Respiration   über

Several exercises, e.g. using the elastic band over the upper frame, strengthen the respiratory muscles which is to the best advantage for the oxygen supply and thus a longer life.

Lack of room   über

Sports devices need place, regardless of beeing in use or not. The KletterDschungel only needs very small space with only 55 x 5 cm minimum, whereas the utilisation is extremely versatile. Hardly no other sports device offers such a great benefit in relation to the small space requirement. In addition, the equipment can be put into operation fast and easily and in the same way it is cleared up rapidly.

Quiet operation   über

Since the exercises are carried out in the room, neighbours will be much less disturbed than e.g. by children running through the flat.

Calculator  über

How much are you prepared to invest in the health and development of your children? The KletterDschungel is outstanding due to its very favourable price performance ratio.

Assembly   über

The KletterDschungel will be fixed under a ceiling by means of strong frictional forces. The location can easily be changed or the device can be removed. Since no drill holes are necessary, tenants do not need to ask the landlord prior to the installation of the KletterDschungel.

Steel structure  über

The building material steel ensures a very high stability. A high product life is guaranteed by a corrosion protection of galvanic prime coat and varnishing (non-toxic according to EN 71). Even after more than three years outdoor use, the material did not show any visible corrosion. The reasonable material thickness guarantees the high stability and the long life-time.

Composite construction  über

The constructional steel elements are not rigid but connected with each other by flexible discs. This construction method guarantees an considerably higher stability compared to a rigid welded structure. E.g. an impulse to tilt the ladder, which is given on a ladder, is absorbed several times on the way up to the ceiling components thus reaching these only weakened. In this case, furthermore the ceiling supports tilt slightly and thus impose a higher pressure upon the ceiling. The friction rises. So, stability is increased by sudden tilting efforts.

Centre of gravity   über

The centre of gravity is relatively high situated, however neither can it be displaced by a one-sided load on the device nor by a heavy person doing exercises on the equipment. Thus, the construction method guarantees a stability which hardly offers any comparable sports device.

Stand  über

In comparison with sports equipment or furniture standing on the floor the risk of stumbling over it is minimised, as the KletterDschungel only has two feet.

Load to the Ceiling   über

The highest load to the ceiling cannot exceed 3 kN. Taking the four support discs with a surface of 244 cm², the average load is 12,3N/cm² (1,25kg/cm²). In case a person is sitting on a chair, the load is usually higher and with a woman on high heeled shoes loads of more than 100kg/cm² are possible. For ceilings made of reed a board of 1300 x 700 mm has to be added. Then the load does not exceed 0,42N//cm². Sagging ceilings are even stabilized by the KletterDschungel, in contrast to the use of climbing ropes fixed on the ceiling with a hook.

Tension  über

In order to generate the correct tension, it is taken advantage of the elasticity of the horizontal tubes of the upper framework. The bending is measured and adjusted pursuant to a simple theory which may be performed even by a person not familiar with technical matters. With this procedure, the stability can be checked easily. As the height of a room usually does not change, however, checking is not necessary. It is important to keep the fine adjustment stable, so the counter nut has to be tightened firmly.

Rope  über

The ropes are not as thick as the ropes usually used in the physical education classes. This smaller diameter is adapted to a child’s hand but can still be used by adults. Most people prefer cotton. The rope is washable.

Rings  über

Deviating from the usual two sizes of the ring diameter for children and adults an average of 150mm was selected. This diameter is still suitable for an adult’s hand, as complex exercises on rings cannot be done anyway due to the limitation given by the height of the room. The material thickness of 25mm was particularly selected having the child’s hand in mind. One of the dangers that can occur on exercising on rings is the possibility of getting caught in the rings when hanging upside down. With the KletterDschungel this cannot happen, as self-liberation will always be possible. In contrast to doing gymnastics on single rings, with KletterDschungel no supervision is necessary.

Trapeze  über

On purpose, there is no swing in the product range, as a trapeze is much more versatile and demanding.

Rope ladder   über

We selected ropes with a strength of >200kg, but with small diameter, pushing the child to keep a firm hold on the rungs which is important for the child climbing on any ladder. Wooden rungs with a diameter of 25mm can be used, ideal for the child’s hand. Furthermore, an adjustable ladder offers much more variety and fun.

Steel ladder   über

The steel-ladder transmits the main load onto the floor. It shows a number of advantages because of its small step-diameter and since it can be used from two sides.

Practical value  über

The KletterDschungel is not a fashion-item that will soon end up in a corner or in the rubbish. It is produced to last for a lifetime, as it is not only useful for children but also healthy for people of any age.

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