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The experience with a chair and the KletterDschungel.

  • A chair stands on the floor, the KletterDschungel is under the ceiling.

  • An empty chair has a load of 250 g/cm on the floor, the KletterDschungel has a load of 1,2 kg/cm on the ceiling.

  • According to DIN a chair must withstand a continuous load of at least 85kg. As far as the KletterDschungel is concerned, as per our regulations each element has to withstand at least a load of 200kg.

  • A use of the chair produces an additional load on the floor, the use of the KletterDschungel however relieves the ceiling.

  • If a 100kg person jumps on a chair, loads of up to 140kg can occur, resulting in the danger of damage and accident. During same load at the KletterDschungel the load to the ceiling decreases.

  • Mounting on a chair involves the danger of accidents due to unexpected tilting. The KletterDschungel is stable.

  • Due to the unexpected danger of tilting, the chair produces fear. To fall from the KletterDschungel is only possible if you do not hold on it. There is a causal connection between the own movement and the consequences. The fear can be overcome very quickly. Thus the climbing jungle educates to independence and self-confidence.

  • When climbing on 100 chairs compared to climbing on 100 KletterDschungel during one year, the frequency and importance of accidents clearly arguments for the climbing jungle.

  • Each disc of the spinal column of human beings is not supplied by lymph. When jumping, running, watching television, driving car etc. there is a high pressure load on the discs. The lymph is pressed out, a sufficient supply is not given. At the KletterDschungel hanging exercises promote an interchange of pressure and traction which produces a pumping function, so the lymph flush around the discs will be intensified. This improves their supply which is one condition for their solid development and prevents from a fast degeneration.