For kindergartens or families - sports devices

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The child Boxing Set is a valuable accessory for the KletterDschungel Wood.

Surplus energy can be released at the box bag quickly and by the way it is an excellent fitness training for the children. After 4-6 min. of intensive box training, even strong children will be exhausted.
The box bag can be attached easily to the KletterDschungel with the included support and be adjusted in height at the rope according to the child’s size.

The box bag weighs 4 kg and is filled with sterilized wood shavings.



Reseller: www.wall-bars.com - www.wallbars.co.uk


Familien Sporgeräte    Kinder Jugendzimmer

<BR><H1>Kinder Boxset</H1> <BR><H1>FAMILIEN</H1> <BR><H1>SPORTGERÄTE</H1> <BR><H1>KINDER</H1> <BR><H1>JUGENDZIMMER</H1> <BR><H2>Kinder Boxset</H2> <BR><H2>SPORTGERÄTE</H2> <BR><H2>Boxen</H2> <BR><I><EM>Kinder Boxset</EM></I> <BR><I><EM>SPORTGERÄTE</EM></I> <BR><I><EM>Boxen</EM></I>