Climbing Wall / Gym Wall Set  [HK 140]
Health and sport




Stable, solid and safe.

Ideal for children at the age of 2 - 10 years.

Certified for a maximum load of 130 kg.

Long-lasting and by attaching various accessories for each age group, the device grows with the child.

Expandable by means of additional single cheeks over cross bars and high bars.

Health product, the development of strength, sense of balance and skills, as well as the imagination and creativity of the children will be developed.

Through play and fun unconsciously all groups of muscles, particularly the abdominal and back muscles will be trained.

No drillings in ceiling or floor are necessary, since the equipment is only clamped.

The location can be changed easily.

Furniture for children's and youngster’s rooms
The Gym Wall Set will be manufactured according to the individual room height and will be self assembled locally, following a clear assembly instruction, attached to the package. No technical knowledge is necessary.


Cheeks: Laminated spruce wood

Round timbers: Beech

Pressure supports: Plastics / metal





Gesundheit Sport   grösser  Sport Kinder

Jungendmoebel   Sportgeraete   Kinderzimmer


Will be manufactured according to your room height, which you indicate when placing your order; up to 350 cm standard.



The Gym Wall Set includes:

1 gym wall, 140 cm width, with pressure supports, ladder and climbing bar; Number of rungs according to the room height; 1 single cheek with supports; 1 cross bar, 100 cm width; 1 high bar of 100 cm length; 1 pair of rings, adjustable; 1 trapeze, adjustable; 2 additional supports; 4 attachments flat; 2 attachments comprehensive.  


Reseller: www.wall-bars.com - www.wallbars.co.uk