Cross Bar   [HQ 100]




Stable, solid and safe.

Ideal bar for pull-ups. In connection with the additional supports all kinds of hanging devices can easily be attached or removed.

Certified for a maximum load of 130 kg.

The Cross Bar serves as connecting piece between the single cheek and the wall bars / gym wall. It will be installed by means of the attachments and secured by hand screws. These have to be tightened firmly, so that no gap remains between the attachment and the head of the hand screw

La barre est fixée sur le mur de gymnastique par des fixations spécifiques. (Aticles 241 BF ; 251 BU)





Material / dimensions:

Cross Bar: Beech;
diameter 39 mm; length 100 cm.



Reseller: www.wall-bars.com - www.wallbars.co.uk


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